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Virtuoso Concert Series to Enrich Musical Experience of Music Lovers in Mendocino

The Mendocino International Summer Music Academy (MISMA), a newly established music program at the Dharma Realm Buddhist University (DRBU) is thrilled to unveil the Virtuoso Concert Series, featuring a highly anticipated Artist Faculty Concert, two piano solo concerts, and one saxophone solo concert. The series will showcase a stellar lineup of performances by the exceptional MISMA artist faculty featuring pianists Yaoyue Huang and Scott Lowell Sherman, saxophonist Dr. Wenbo Yin, and guitarist Alex de Grassi. All four concerts will take place at the Sudhana Center Recital Hall located at 225 South Hope St, Ukiah, CA.

Artist Faculty Concert, July 20, Saturday, at 7pm

The highly anticipated Artist Faculty Concert is set to captivate audiences on Thursday, July 20 at 7pm. This exceptional event will feature the collective talent and mastery of the academy’s four-artist faculty. Audiences can look forward to a set of solo and duet performances by Alex de Grassi. In addition, Wenbo Yin will be joined by the respected composer Spencer Brewer, presenting some of Brewer’s saxophone and piano compositions. Prepare to be enthralled by this extraordinary display of musical artistry.

Tickets are donation based. To register, or for more information about the Virtuoso Concert Series and the Mendocino International Summer Music Academy, please visit misma.drbu.edu/virtuoso-concert-series, email [email protected], or call 707-376-8731.

About Mendocino International Summer Music Academy (MISMA): The Mendocino International Summer Music Academy offers a unique and finely crafted curriculum that brings together professional music programs and wellness practices. The program ensures close mentorship and individualized instruction, allowing musical artists to work closely with a dedicated team of renowned, award-winning musicians and faculty. With a commitment to holistic music education, the academy aims to inspire positive music learning in a supportive and wholesome community, advance performance skills, technique, and overall musicianship, and equip students with tools for concentration and wellbeing.

The academy’s commitment to holistic wellbeing is reflected in the daily wellness activities led by certified instructors, a healthy lifestyle, and vegetarian meals. By fostering a supportive and wholesome community, the academy cultivates musicians’ inner strength, focus, and overall wellness, offering a transformative experience for all participants and providing them with powerful tools for the next steps of their music careers.

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