Fun Facts

Everyone knows that most US cities are home to some interesting facts, but did you know these interesting facts about Ukiah?

  • Ukiah is surrounded by more than 20 organic wineries and acres of biodynamic vineyards.
  • Home of the first certified organic brew pub in the U.S.: Ukiah Brewing Company.
  • Seat of the first county in America to ban the use of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in agriculture.
  • Site of the sale of the first retail solar voltaic panel in the U.S. from the store that became Real Goods.
  • One of the few courses where you can see spawning steelhead and grazing wild turkeys while you play golf.
  • Home of the first Carbon Neutral winery in the U.S.: Mendocino Wine Company.

  • Ukiah spelled backwards is haiku
  • Home to one of America’s first museums dedicated to the work of a female artist, Ukiah native, painter Grace Hudson.
  • Home of Vichy Springs, the only warm and carbonated mineral baths in North America.
  • Home of the World’s Largest Redwood Tree Service Station.

  • Home of the first Girls & Boys Buddhist High School in the nation.

About Visit Ukiah

The Visit Ukiah Program is spreading the news about the Ukiah Valley. Funded by the lodging tax from local hotels and managed by a seven member advisory group with local representatives from the retail, wine, hotel, tourism, and art sectors, the program is responsible for marketing Ukiah as a destination for leisure vacations and business meetings to improve the City’s tax base and grow Ukiah’s stock in the State’s tourism industry.